Track Executive Orders

Currently, no tool, apart from the federal website, provides updates and interaction with Executive Orders. No more searching, no more relying on the media to report on only a few, and no more trying to understand how these laws impact your life.

Prexo will be the only platform for Americans to filter and follow orders, tailored to their concerns from immigration, environment, military, etc. This app allows users to filter based on their interest.

Post on social media the information found on Prexo to educate others. This app allows users to create their own narrative.

Recently Signed

This EO, signed to give states additional support in response to COVID-19, enables the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard to order units and individual members of the Ready Reserve back on active duty for up to two years. 4/01/2020

Prevents businesses, companies, or private persons from hoarding a list of medical equipment such as N-95 masks, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), portable ventilators, etc. 3/26/2020

Executive Orders (EOs) are rules signed by the President that act as law.

EOs control all bureaus of the government and directly impact citizens; from orders to prevent price gouging during a pandemic to immigrant deportation.

Despite their influence and impact, EOs are often missed by the public and not always covered in mainstream news media. 

Our Vision 01
Look into the president's history and contact your representatives to hold them accountable to their promises and actions.
Our Vision 02
While news coverage and apps to monitor congress and legislation are widespread, there are no applications that track Executive Orders, or closely follow the executive branch.
Our Vision 03
Users can discuss specific issues, and contact elected officials. Prexo engages Americans to check the power of the presidency, providing them with a tool to easily learn and voice their concerns on influential orders.



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