Our Team
Abbie Merrill

Abbie Merrill is the founder and CEO of Prexo. She launched her first business, In Our Hands when she was just 17 years old. In Our Hands was a political app that notified users on state legislation. However, as In Our Hands gained more feedback it became clear the American people are looking for bigger picture policies.


 Prexo was informed by the experience and feedback from In Our Hands. Abbie is also a Political Science and Cultural Anthropology major at her university. Her drive to create transparent politics and knowledge through her business experience makes her a well-equipped person to lead this revolution.

Political Analyst, Co-founder
Ian McDonald

Ian McDonald is a political science student and is primarily researching the effects of social media on the American voting population. Ian has spent time working in the Senate in Washington DC, and has first-hand experience on how the political system operates.


As a political analyst, Ian is able to dissect data from within the app to find trends within the makeup of Prexo’s users.

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Data Analyst

Sadie Baile is a data analyst and owner of Atlys Data & Design. She has a BA from UW-Madison in International Studies - Political Economy and a Master of Urban Planning from UW-Milwaukee.


She has interned for the Wisconsin Governor and Senate Office and has held leadership positions in banking, nonprofits, and has marketing/content experience.